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Physicians, Dentists, other prescribers and Pharmacists can play a big role in decreasing the opiate epidemic by using tools to prevent overprescribing and diversion of prescription medications. The Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) and the Generation Rx Toolkit are helpful strategies for educating health care professionals.

The Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) system can be used to check each of your patients and customers before you write or fill a prescription. OARRS allows prescribers, pharmacists and certain law enforcement officials to quickly identify drug seeking behaviors and help keep potentially dangerous medications out of the hands of addicts and abusers.

  • An OARRS Prescription History Report also helps assure that your patient is getting the appropriate drug therapy and is taking his or her medication as prescribed.
  • To access OARRS click here.
  • For easy registration instructions on requesting Patient Rx History Reports using OARRS, click here.

Medical professionals play an important role in identifying risks and substance abuse among adolescents. Help get the conversation started and see the guidelines for prescribing to minors.   

Safe Prescribing Saves Lives

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed a guideline for prescribing opioid pain medication for patients with chronic pain. The CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain aims to reduce the number of people who misuse, abuse or overdose these drugs. There are many tools at including a Checklist for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. Other resources can be found here.

Generation Rx: Preventing the Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Medications is a toolkit to be used by pharmacists, pharmacy students and other health professionals to provide community presentations about this serious and growing public health problem. The toolkit contains a simple set of PowerPoint slides with talking points, a handout containing key messages, and frequently asked questions. Supplemental toolkit materials also include a quiz for program participants, and a commitment card.

3rd Annual Current Concepts in Integrated Health Care

The 3rd Annual Current Concepts in Integrated Health Care Conference was held Saturday, November 5th at Cleveland Clinic Akron General Wellness Center. Speakers presented to health care professionals from around Northeast Ohio with a focus of understanding more about mental health and addiction. Presentations (link to subpage with the presentations) are available below courtesy of each speaker.